“Never stop learning; when we stop learning, we stop growing.”

- Loyal “Jack” Lewman


At Crowland, we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils, including the most able, those with special educational needs and for children for whom English is an additional language. Like all schools in England, we must follow the National Curriculum – it sets out subjects and content which we must teach.

Specialist Art, Spanish and PE teachers are employed at Crowland to ensure the highest quality of teaching is taking place across the curriculum. These teachers plan lessons and projects that are linked, where possible to the topic in order to broaden children’s knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Our curriculum leads to confident, independent learners, who have a passion for learning and are adaptable to the needs of the world once they leave the school. Through our curriculum, we will ensure that pupils are aware of their strengths and see success regularly, whilst also ensuring they are resilient, well rounded people who possess the necessary attributes to cope when they face challenges. Developing children who can learn for themselves and who want to find out more is an essential part in the work we do, and that positive mind-set for learning is fundamental.

In order to change the world, children need to know about the world

At Crowland, we like to celebrate the cultural diversity of our local community, Tottenham. We like children to be aware of what the local community has to offer and gain an understanding of their position in its future success. For this reason, drawing on the expertise, knowledge and industry which surrounds the school also plays an important part in the planning of activities and opportunities we are offering the children.
At Crowland Primary School we use 4 key Drivers as tools to support children throughout their learning journey and beyond by creating confident and enthusiastic learners who become compassionate and active citizens within the community.

The 4 Key Drivers are:

  • Active Learning

  • Responsible Global Awareness

  • Care for Self and Others

  • Excellent Communication

Our curriculum will ensure that children reflect positively on their primary school years. Learning should be deep and meaningful and experiences and knowledge that the children gain in lessons will be fully embedded. We expect the children to recognise the importance of taking pride in presentation and in developing personal standards.

At Crowland we have structured the National Curriculum to allow our children to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed. We recognise that the curriculum encompasses all areas of learning and we provide links across all subjects to give children a clear rationale for completing their work.

In order to allow children to remember key skills, children revisit them over the course of a key stage. Wherever possible, reading, writing and maths activities are linked across lessons and reading is used continuously to discover and explore. The same quality of work is expected across all subjects which leads to higher standards and outcomes.

Children are given individual subject books to use for every subject taught in school. Instead of giving children a new book each time they start a new year at school, the children keep their subject books until they are completely full. This approach allows the children to reflect on their learning and also allows both the teachers and the pupils to see the progression made throughout their years at Crowland School.

Lessons are carefully planned and pitched at a level that is accessible to all children in the classroom. We strive to challenge children at their level to ensure depth is added to their learning whatever the level. We require the children to work in these ways so that they build their resilience and can then independently apply their skills and knowledge effectively.

Looking Back in Order to Move Forward

At regular points throughout the term, children are given the opportunity to assess their own progress. At Crowland, we feel that becoming reflective practitioners is key to moving learning forward. This helps teachers to plan more effectively and is used as an assessment tools to address misconceptions or to extend learning further.

At the beginning and end of a block of work, opportunities for assessment are taken through the use of “checkpoints” which demonstrate what the children already know and what progress they have made. This helps teachers to plan more effectively and again is used as an assessment tool.

Trips booked for the children will be of high quality. The intention of such trips is to provide the children with cultural capital and to give them experiences that enhance their learning.

The impact of the school’s curriculum can be seen in the books they produce and the outcomes for all groups of pupils within the school. Everything we do is with the child at mind, and strong relationships are built between pupils and staff which create an atmosphere for learning which is conducive to success.

Pupil progress through ongoing assessment and through three key assessment points during the year. Work is planned to address misconceptions and gaps in learning identified through assessments to ensure that the curriculum effectively meets the needs of all pupils.


What do we want? 


How we will do it?


What difference it will make?



We want to learn about the world through a wide range of subjects in interesting and fun ways


We will observe, participate and learn new things through real life experience


We will achieve our best in all subjects in order to be prepared for the next phase in our life.


Have a clear set of values and information that allows us to understand ourselves, our community and the world around us



We will learn about each other and the world around us.  We will learn how to protect our environment and our planet.


We will be able to make wise decisions about the world and be confident in making our opinions known.

We will make a positive difference in the world around us


To have the resilience, confidence and courage to deal with any challenges we may face in school and beyond.

Learning how to express our emotions and our thoughts in a safe environment. Managing healthy relationships with others and asking for help where necessary.

We will be independent resilient and courageous when facing challenges. We will know how to look after ourselves and others.


Be able to affect others through speaking and writing. Being able to enjoy and share what we read. 

Using high level language across the curriculum in speaking and writing.  Exploring literature through active learning and discussions.

Being effective speakers, writers and readers in a range of subjects and for a range of purposes.

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If you have any queries about the curriculum please contact us via the school office: frontdesk@crowland.haringey.sch.uk